Why we celebrate christmas december 25th : is Jesus the reason for the christmas season

Why we celebrate Christmas December 25th : is Jesus the reason for the Christmas season

Christmas is not a myth but a reality.

Major reason for Christmas is the birth of Jesus. He was born in Bethlehem. His life is recorded in the New testament.

Jesus was born to virgin Mary, who was married to Joseph. And Jesus, was born of Holy Spirit. He was born when King Harod, the great, was in power, who upon hearing the birth of Jesus, ordered to kill, all of Bethlehem’s male children under the age of two to be killed. But he escaped to Egypt with mother Mary and stayed there until King Harod was dead.

Today, in the 21st century, all celebrate Christmas on December 25th. Some challenge validity of this date but the point is Jesus was born in December according to scrolls found in Israel.

Over the centuries, we celebrated Christmas on December 25th. And it has been a special day for all Christians, be it for Catholic, Pentecostals, Anglicans or Baptists.


It is important to remember that everything changed the day the Christ was born. He came to die for our sins. All humans are born sinners. Jesus came to this world to save the entire mankind from Sin.

Sin entered th world through Adam when he disobeyed God by eating from the tree of knowledge. And Jesus Christ was born so that he could be the supreme sacrifice, die for our sins and pay the full price.

In short, only way that God, the Father can accept us to his kingdom in heaven is only if you accept Jesus as your Lord and savior. So, when Jesus took away all our sins by shedding his blood on the cross and resurrected three days later,

We are able to get saved by accepting him. I encourage all of you to read the Bible, especially the four gospels, in the New testament section.

Unfortunately, many does not accept Him as the Messiah and Jews today are still waiting for that savior, when he has already come and gone. Muslims consider Jesus as a prophet.

Some walk in the streets, singing Christmas carols. This is the most exhilarating experience one can have. Singing in harmony as a group visiting malls and houses.

The Christmas day-

This day can be considered the most significant, important day of the year. The day of celebration. The day to rejoice the birth of Jesus, the son of living God. Living because when Jesus left the world, the Hol Spirit came unto this world. And Jesus lives in the spirit. He lives in us and among us. Without him, there is no Christmas.

I see even people of many other religions celebrate Christmas. There is no harm in it. We welcome anyone. Jesus died for the lost. I like to encourage Christmas as it is an important day and a day of joy, celebrations.

Christmas shopping:

The most busiest time is months before Christmas, starting in October, people throng into the malls looking for that ideal gift What a joyous and exhilarating time to spend. The malls are jam packed. But there is nothing like the excitement generated in Christmas shopping. This you have to experience yourself.

Christmas is a time to buy gifts for your loved ones. Especially for young children. They wait for Christmas so that they can expect to receive the choicest gifts.

And they would indicate to their parents what kind of gifts they expect of them. Today, the most popular are electronics.

And they look forward to receiving the latest in Nintendo, the latest smart phone, IPhone, the top of the line laptop. And the older people even look for the latest sports car as a gift. Wives can expect the latest jewelry, be it Gold or diamond.

Santa Clause :

There is no Christmas without Santa. It says he starts his journey from the North Pole on Christmas eve. And deliver presents, leaving them underneath the Christmas tree.

Many attend, Midnight Mass on Christmas eve. This is a good practice, but because of the time, most prefer to attend the 7 p, m. Service because of kids as well as it does give ample time to open Christmas gifts.

The excitement starts on the Christmas eve as all gather under the tree to collect their gifts. Children will be the most excited bunch of them all.

Gifts would be mostly electronics, dresses, cologne and shoes. And in a rare case, a brand new car or even a house or condominium. Some give monetary gifts as well.

The excitement grows as they get open their gifts. Many surprises. The items they have been dreaming of owning.

Today, unfortunately, many do not understand why we celebrate Christmas. For many it is only a day of celebrations to indulge in many excesses. Especially, partying, excessive drinking.

This has resulted in many accidents and deaths due to drunk driving. It is supposed to be a day of prayer not a day of mourning.

I would especially advise all on Christmas day if you do get drunk to take a taxi home.This is because of a recent new law which will allow the police to demand a breathalyzer test and if you fail, you could get a maximum sentence of up-to 10 years in jail.

Yes, we must celebrate but not the way many do today. Ideally you should
attend church and then start celebrations. Bible says Numbers 6:3 “He shall abstain from wine and strong drink

On the 25th, people celebrate. This day is filled with laughter, plenty of food and responsible social drinking. We must remember god said give drinks only to those who are “perishing” and we are not. This does not mean we are not allowed to drink as in some passages it says that to drink at celebrations.

1 Timothy 5:23-

“Stop drinking only water, and use a little wine because of your stomach and your frequent illnesses”

Ephesians 5:18

Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit”

some attend church. This is a good practice. To start Christmas by seeking God. Many visitors will be there for you to have fellowship.

This also time to pray for the poor, lost and lonely. All the people in the world who are starving. Not all are fortunate to celebrate Christmas.

Despite poverty most of them, in these poor third world countries celebrate Christmas. Even though they may not have money and food as the westerners, they still enjoy celebrating.

I remember how I myself was not fortunate celebrate Christmas as I was duty. And to think of all those men and women of armed forces celebrating without their dear ones.

Life is such you have to expect these disappointments. I remember the days I had to work even on the Christmas day. As some financial institutions will be kept open even on that day.

This is a tragedy even on a day like Christmas. We live in a christian country. It is a holy day.

The day after Christmas is the boxing day. On this day many go shopping hunting for bargains. And it is a very exciting day.

From early morning, people would wait outside big malls, hoping to grab the best bargains. I myself would avoid it if the weather is bad. You can expect to snow on this day.if it does not, you are in the luck.

Honestly, this is good time spend with the kids bargain hunting. And you can get plenty of good deals on this day, But you need to be careful as you might get hurt in the rush.

Once you go into the store, don’t waste time looking for the best bargain, but grab every good item with a bargain.

Calmly line at the cashier and get out asap. This will avoid disappointments and injury.

Over the years i have bought many items at bargain prices on the boxing day. I always wait for this to buy the latest smart phone, the best TVs, sound systems and GPS to name a few.

The reason for the season-

We must never forget the reason for the season, who is none other than Lord Jesus Christ. If not for Jesus there is no Christmas. One must never take his eyes off Jesus. If Jesus did not come to the world, there would be no Christmas.

Jesus had to come to this world to save the sinners. Since sin entered through Adam, everyone has been born of sin. And only through Jesus one can be free of sin. And once you accept him as your lord and savior, your salvation is assured.

You will have an ever lasting life in Heaven with Jesus. This is the promise that Jesus has given you. Unlike in other religions, you will Not be reincarnated. It will be a joyous time with the Lord in heaven.

If you need to receive that gift, all you need to do is say this small prayer and you will be saved.

“Jesus, I am a sinner. I repent of all my sins. I forgive them all. Please forgive me”

Once you finished saying this prayer, you instantly become a true Christian and on your way to heaven. You do not need to “work” to enter the kingdom of heaven. It is by “Grace” of God, you get to enter heaven.

I encourage you to join a “spirit filled” church. And attend church regularly. Read the Bible daily.


Christmas is the season for celebrations. But you need to understand that the reason for this celebration is Jesus. It is not just a time to eat and drink but also to focus on Jesus and attend church. It is time to spend time with the family, buy gifts and get ready to celebrate. It is your duty to ensure that you spend Christmas with responsibility without unnecessarily getting drunk and spoiling it for others.

The song “Mary’s boy child Jesus Christ”

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