How to find your calling from god:Understanding your calling of God

Understanding your calling of God

How to find your calling from god:

First you have to examine yourself. What you want to do in life. What career interests you. A pilot, an engineer or a doctor and so on. But how do you find what God’s calling upon your life is ?

First and foremost you need to find who God is, and what role does he want you to play in this world. And how often your personal ambitions are destroyed or turned around by one incident. It could be a sudden death in your family, your mum or dad dies. Or even your siblings and worse off you spouse.

What do you do besides panicking. Nothing ! First you need to pray and ask God for guidance. Of course many will guide you to the next step. It could be your pastor or even siblings.

But be sure, that God knows what you are going through. And he makes room for you to advance. Maybe the tragedy you faced was allowed by God for your good. For you to mature.

Romans 8:28

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose..”

Here God speaks about those who he predestined to become like his son. In fact the word Christian mans “Christ like” And also it speaks about those whom he called according his purpose, also who loved him.

Isaiah 44:2-

“This is what the LORD says— he who made you, who formed you in the womb, and who will help you”

God made you in the womb, and he knows who you are, and who you are going to be. There is no need to worry who you are going to be as everything is predestined.
You go ahead and finish your studies. And you still might face difficulties. It could be financially unable to continue your studies. But you must try to finish it. Get a part-time job. Sell property, have a garage sale. You must try to get qualified.

John 15:16-

“You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide, so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he may give it to you.”

Here God is saying, that, he chose you and you need to embrace yourself with the word and preach the word to the world thus bearing fruit meaning more and more would come to know the Lord. And that the lord will give you whatever you ask according to his will.

The greatest thing is He knew you when he formed you in your mother’s womb. And he also knew what you are going to be. In fact, it does not matter what your plans are, He has already planned your life and what he wants you to be.

But does that mean you cannot have any ambition at all. A goal in life. No, you certainly can, but it must be in union with God’s plan for you. Hope, I am not confusing you here.

The reason for the above statement is, that our God in heaven has given us a Free will. We can do whatever we want in life and as long as it falls within the will of the father. Yes, it is a free choice. And we now live in a free world.

God’s voice-

At the same time, the closer you come to God, you will hear his voice, and you will be guided by that voice. Now you may wonder about the “voice” I am talking about here. It is no secret that God speaks to his beloved children, that is us Christians. It may not be an audible voice. No, he could speak through the scriptures. What I mean is, when you read the bible, some scriptures may stand out as you read them.Which means God is trying to say something to you.

You need to develop a habit of identifying when He does so. It says his voice can even be like the “sound of a roaring river”

Other times, he will speak to you in a dream, may even warn you of an impending disaster, so that you can be cautious. He will warn you of that sneaking coworker who is jealous of you. Also, of an impending accident you might come across.

And worst of all he will tell you of someone, who is doing witch craft against you. This I have personally experienced, though it did not affect me, a sibling of mine did fall for it. In Asian countries these are very common. But if you are close to God, nothing can harm you.

No harm will come upon you-

Jesus says even if you trample snakes, and drink poison, no harm would come upon you. I am not sure how many times I was given poison. But I tell you no harm came upon me and I do not know if any poison given to me or not but I suspect some enemies of mine may have given it to me. I have traveled to many countries, and I was concerned as many air turbulent occurred during my travels, but I held steadfast without panicking knowing our heavenly father is holding the plane in his palm. That is the kind of mighty god we serve.

One Righteous man-

Have you heard about the scripture, which says,”for one righteous man I will hold a disaster from happening”

That is exactly what God does. You may have heard of near air disasters and car or train accidents that almost happened but did not. Did you ever think of how they were averted, and who did it. There is one answer, God. It is the mighty God we serve.

As I mentioned before, God is a spirit and he knows when an accident can occur and who will survive, If for instance in an airplane of 450 passengers, that is about to crash-land, there is a mighty faithful righteous man is there, just because of that one Christian God will stop the crash from occurring. This reminds me of the hymn we sing always,

“Oh, what a mighty God we serve” yes he is an all powerful mighty God. And there is none other like him.

The reason I am telling you all these are that if God has predestined your future you will not fall pray to these disasters. It is because he has a specific path for you to take.

Then, you might ask why some Christians die in tragedies. While I can not answer specifically, it is possible that God wants him or her to return to him as his purpose of creating that individual maybe over. It is only a theory. In this instance only God knows.

And no point in worrying about your future as God has already planned your future, but does that mean you jump from a bridge or walk across the highway. By no means ! that will be testing God. When Jesus met Satan, he challenged Jesus to jump from a mountain and save himself. And he said, (as in Mathew 4:7 ) 

it is written “‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test. “

I would say make time to read the bible daily. Meditate on it day and night. And all things will work out good for you. This is the promise Jesus made.

Sometimes, you think some path you took is God’s will for you and later realize it is the wrong turn. In a situation like that you pray again and seek guidance. If it is the wrong path you chose, God will reveal it maybe in a dream to warn you. And of course you will know that you made the wrong decision and you must not wait and correct it.

Some say when they grow old, it is time for me to die. And let it be known only god knows the day you will die and go to heaven. You can not ask God to hurry and take you home. That would be ridiculous. He is in no hurry to call you home. Maybe the purpose he created you is not finished yet. You need to be patient and your turn will come.

I remember how my mother-in-law was complaining “I do not know why my God is not taking me, I am so feeble, there is nothing more for me to do in this world” And she still lived to be 92 years and passed away recently.


It is important to realize when God formed you in your mother’s womb, he knew exactly what you are going to do, and exactly what your ambitions are going to be. Whatever ambitions you might have if it is not within God’s plan for you, it will not happen. Know that God has your best interests and he loves you. You can call upon him on the day of trouble and he will rescue you. It is in your interest is to try listen to god’s voice be it through the scripture, meditation and even God will warn you through dreams. You need not worry about your calling as God will guide you to where he wants you to be in due time.

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2 thoughts on “How to find your calling from god:Understanding your calling of God

  1. Wonderful post. I try very hard to follow God’s will for my life. A number of years ago, in the matter of a couple days apart, two different people suggested that I read the book, “Experiencing God” by Henry Blackaby.

    God used those people to communicate to me. That book ended up teaching me how to recognize when God is working in our lives. Once we can recognize when he talking to us, it is easier to understand and follow his calling for us.
    Your article is a wonderful reminder of the importance of constantly praying and trying to follow His will for our lives.

    1. Thank you Sondra. Yes, as I have said over and over again, God talks to us in different ways, mainly through the bible. It will guide you throughout your life.

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