Did God make man and woman

Did God make man and woman:

The short answer is yes. You better believe it. In the beginning God made man and woman. After he created Adam, the first man, out of his rib, he made woman.

Genesis 1:27-

“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

I would like to imagine how he made this creature called Man. What was he thinking.

He wanted to created a part that would give the ability for man move freely. So he created legs. He wanted it separated by a knee for more flexibility. And it looked fine.

He created muscles to support the bones of the legs. He then created the torso. He realized that the man need to have a stomach, to digest food, needed to keep the body alive and healthy. He created the stomach.

Then he thought  for him to get energy and power he needs to convert what he eats to blood, the present day fuel.

So he developed intestines. He was not happy yet. So he created the liver and kidneys to purify the blood in the body.

Then he created the amazing system, the lungs, which the man will use to get oxygen from air he breath to be mixed with blood, which in turn will be used for energy by man.

He realized man must look pleasant, so he created the face, head. To hold the Head in place, he created the neck.

To absorb oxygen needed for blood, he created the nose.

God realized man must see. So he created the two eyes. He created two eyes as one did not provide enough vision fo man.

It is useless to have a body that can not think.So God created the brain.But he limited the power of the brain.Since he did not want to create God like creature. Anyway, God enabled man to expand his thinking powers.

It is because of that Man is now able to find cures for most illnesses including,HIV- AIDS.

Man is now able to travel to the moon, and very soon will conquer Mars and other planets.

the brain is the central, thinking system that would control all man’s actions. It will think, direct man’s actions. It is similar to a modern day computer.

The brain, will let you know when to eat, when to have sex, when to attack, when to defend and your speech. It will guide you. It will give you wisdom.

It will also if properly fed, take messages from God, in the Holy Spirit and process it. It will guide you to prosperity.

Brain is the most important part that God made in the human body.It controls everything. If the brain is did, you only have a dead body.

It make decisions fro you, sometimes bold decisions. Sometimes hasty. Your life will depend on the decisions taken by you using this wonderful organ called Brain.


In the beginning God made man and woman. Then he created man’s body. He created each part according to needs.

Without a brain man’s body would be dead.


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