Why corona virus, covid-19, is creating havoc in the world.

Why corona virus, covid-19, is creating havoc in the world.

When God is not happy with what’s happening in the world he created, he lets Satan get the “upper hand”.

So when he let Satan loose, he creates havoc.

God has been silently watching how the human race is slowly becoming more attached to material things like, money, pleasure, unholy matrimony, in short violating laws as set in the Holy Bible.

God created Adam as in the Genesis. And he realized that Adam need a partner. He created a wo-man out of a rib from Adam.And then the human race.

When people forget God, their creator, he becomes uneasy and allows Satan to harm mankind in a limited way.

Only way he would stop this crisis is if people start praying and worship God. Then some would say how can they, as need to practice “Social distancing”

The other theory is that this virus was leaked from a biological weapon factory in China, according to Israel’s secret service.

Whatever the reason is  for its release it was “permitted” by God. Without God’s knowledge nothing happens.

It is unfortunate that Chinese community all over the world has been targeted with racial bigotry. This must not be encouraged as God hates such acts. All humanity comes from Adam, whether you like it or not. So nobody is superior.

The virus is spreading fast and could reach one million soon. It is estimated at least quarter million would die.

Its a tragedy.

But I like to remind all the believers, that these are just the beginning of birth pains. The return of Jesus is near though not imminent.

In the meantime just to remind you God says ”

Psalm 91:7

A thousand may fall at your side,

ten thousand at your right hand,

but it will not come near you. “

It also says “you will drink poison and will be bitten by cobra but no harm will be caused”

*** Pray at home and seek God.

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