How to find God : god’s purpose for your life

How to find God-god’s purpose for your life

In 1 Chronicles 16: 11 God says, “Look to the Lord and his strength ; seek his face always “

In the beginning God wanted to have communion with man regularly. But since the time Adam sinned that bond was broken. And people kept sinning. And over the years God appeared sporadically and saved mankind from several disasters.

Eventually, He sent his own son as a supreme sacrifice to restore the bond that was broken by Adam when he sinned.

Since the time Jesus paid the full penalty for entire mankind’s sins, we were reconciled through his blood that was shed on the cross.

To find God, all you have to do is confess your sins and repent and accept Jesus as the son of God and your lord and savior.

Once you do this, you will see the face of God. Now, you need to ask the Holy Spirit or the spirit of God in heaven, to come to your heart. And he will come. Once you have the spirit, you will be able to communicate with god and will get to know him.

God speaks to you-

You would ask how. Yes, good question. He can speak to you in many ways. He talks to you always. But you do not listen. You need to turn your ears towards him. When someone says something out of the ordinary, instantly, you will know it is from God. You may ask how to differentiate it. For that you need to train your ears. Then you will instantly know it is from God.
There is nothing better than reading the Bible daily for you to achieve it.

Sometimes when you travel, something happens which will force you to change your plans, for example, you get ready to take a flight, and learns that the flight is being delayed. And you will skip the flight. And next day you hear that plane has crashed. Here, God acted in time to save your life.

In this case some argue, how come even Christians died in the same plane crash. It is possible that it was God’s will for them all to die. Now God is a good God. And in certain circumstances, will allow such a tragedy to occur as he thinks its time for them to return to home. And also because his purpose for their life is over. This is my personal belief and I am not quoting the bible here.

The same can happen when you travel by car or bus. And do not be surprised, God is aware of it, and he could choose to save your life. It is a myth that Christians will not die in any accidents. When the time comes all of us have to go. It could be a natural death or a tragedy. This is why I would like to urge you to live a Holy life away from evil. Bible says ” do not associate with Bad company”.

This reminds me of a small group, named “Bad Company” at ORU, where I had the privilege to study, years ago. There were many objections from the school admin to change the name. In actuality, the members of this group were Christian students and only a very few were bad.

In a Dream-

Some times God can warn you of impending disaster through a dream. You need to differentiate between a random dream and a dream from god. You need to take action to avoid anything bad happening to you by changing plans.

Pray in a quiet place-

Find a quiet place to pray. Ideal place would be at a quiet place by the beach. And when you start praying for about four hours non-stop, you will hear the voice of God.

It will sound like the like the roar of rushing waters (Ezekiel 43:2) or like the sound of ocean waves. This is the voice of God. And even if you do not hear an audible voice, He would still speak to you by placing thoughts in your heart, that you can comprehend.

God’s voice-

God speaks to you, always, even now as I speak to you through this post. Listen, it is important to listen. If you listen carefully you will definitely hear Him.

In 1 Kings 19:12 it says that he speaks in “a still small voice” He speaks to your spirit.

Yes, you will hear voice, a whisper and you will know in your spirit, that its Him ! How wonderful it will be to hear his voice. And how comforting it will be. He will tell you the answer to your problem, or rather the path you should take.

Say, you are in great financial trouble and no way out. He will whisper the answer to you, or to your spirit. And he will help resolve it. He will tell you from where or from whom you can get help. He will guide you in the steps you need to take.

He will perform a financial miracle. You need to stay positive and prayerfully to receive it.

He will tell you not to panic and will show you the way out. In the end you will be relieved and know that there is a living God, who will always be there to help you in trouble.

If you have tuned your ears to his voice, you will never fail in life. He will guide you in the path to success, victory. And no one can stop you from achieving it. Of course, Satan will do his utmost to stop you. But as long as God covers you “with his feathers” ( Psalm 91:4 )you have nothing to worry about.

John 10:27, ” My sheep hear my voice” If you keep your mind tuned to God’s voice, you will hear him.

In this scripture, it shows the importance of listening to God. Only those who have tuned their ears can hear him. And only those who have been saved, in other words those who have accepted him as their only lord and savior can hear him.

Sinner’s prayer

So first its very important that you accept him as your Lord. For God speaks to “his sheep” And for you to hear him you need to know him. How, if you are not saved, say this sinner’s prayer.

” Oh Lord. I confess that I am a sinner. And I repent of all my sins. please forgive me and come into my heart ”

As soon as you say this prayer, you become a new creature and a part of the kingdom of God, headed by Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, and the Holy spirit.

Now you have “full” access to the Father in heaven by the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ our lord and savior. Whatever prayer you make will be heard in heaven. And if it is heard in heaven, you are guaranteed an answer.

2 Timothy 3:16-“All scripture is inspired by God”

Much may argue the scriptures were written by different people, like Apostles. And question their validity. I like to challenge them with the above mentioned scripture, which clearly states that “all scripture is inspired by God”.

There is no way anyone can write all these words in the Bible without inspiration by God.

God wanted to inform, educate and enlighten people through scriptures. He breathed into them, inspired the writers to write what he wanted. God speaks to you through the Scriptures.

Bible is God-

Do not be alarmed. What I mean here is that the word of God is in the bible and it represents God.

Bible is “wordasgod”. Just as this site is named after. It says “in the beginning was the word and word was God.” In another version of the Bible; it says “All scriptures are God breathed” which is also correct. He breathed into the words written in the bible. It is God that is represented in the Bible

In other words God is in the Bible ! Without it you are lost.

I see many attending church on Sunday’s without a bible. This is an insult to god. My friend in college, “John Benson”, used to call it the “sword” Yes, it is a two-edged sword indeed. With it you can destroy the wicked and also help the lost.

To find God, as the topic here is, it is imperative that you study the word of God daily, attend bible studies and have communion with Christians. The more you talk to fellow Christians more you will learn.

But here I would like you to be cautious as many have differing view of Christ. And they think their interpretation of Christ is correct. In a situation like this do not argue. We all worship the same Christ. So we must not argue or quarrel.

God can be found in the Bible as it says, In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was with God : John 1:1

In other words, the Biblical scriptures are all God’s thoughts and ways. One must always spend time reading the Bible daily, so that they would know the mind of God.

God speaks to worshipers through the Bible. So if you need God speaks to you, the best way to find His voice would be daily christian prayers and reading the Bible. One major question, most people ask is how do I find Jesus. And also, can I find Jesus ?

The Only way is read the Holy Bible and pray

God is a spirit and worshipers must pray in the Spirit. Therefore, you need to ask for the Holy Spirit come and reside in you. The Holy spirit helps you to pray. It is important as Lord Jesus, is a spirit. He came as a human being to die for our sins and save the mankind.

The Trinity is God the Father, Jesus the son and the Holy Spirit (is the God the Father in the spirit) To help you in your prayers, I am including here a Great, Strong prayer, that I pray would enlighten your life and bring you major blessings.



O Dearest Jesus, Lamb of God, most meek, I a miserable sinner, render homage and worship to the wounds upon, thy shoulder made by the heavy cross Though didst carry, Its weight tore Thy shoulder bones, which caused thee sufferings more than did Thy other wounds. I adore thee, O grieving Jesus, I praise love and honor Thee I thank Thee for Thy adorable and most painful wound Vouchsafe to grant me, through the excessive pain and unmeasured weight of the cross, to have mercy on me, a sinner, Forgive e my mortal and venial sins, and guide me on to heaven through the way of the cross, Amen


When God created man he wanted to have daily communion with him, but unfortunately when Adam sinned it was broken. This bind was restored through Jesus, who was the supreme sacrifice that God needed to restore the relationship with humanity. God can speak to you in different ways. He will speak to you through the scriptures, in a dream, when you pray, you need to train or tune your ears to listen to him. And his “sheep hear his voice” For you to hear his voice, you need to say the “Sinner’s Prayer ” as mentioned here. After you recite it, you should hear from god and communicate with him. Amen

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