God is omnipresent

Yes, God is omnipresent. Which means, nothing is hidden from His view. Everything you do is in view of him. He is with you wherever you go.
In short, He is everywhere at the same time.

Isaiah 43:2 “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they will not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched, nor will the flame burn you.”


Such a mighty God we serve. He will always protect you whatever the circumstance would be. Prophet Isaiah, is saying when we go through many troubles in life, God will be with us. And he will ensure that these troubles will not over powers us rather we go through it without harm.

I remember when once I had just started swimming at the age of ten, and was practicing my swimming strokes, And unknowingly, I had entered the Deep end and could not find the bottom to stand on my feet and started to drown; nobody noticed me. I just panicked and with all my strength pushed myself towards the shallow end.

God was watching me:

Then again, one day I was swimming with a friend, in the sea near the beach, when a huge wave dragged me towards the sea. I panicked as I was not a good swimmer. And I was drowning, the water entered my lungs. But suddenly a huge wave came from nowhere and pushed me to the beach. Again, I knew, the eyes of my God was on me.

I was converted to Christianity in India. I was a Buddhist before.I had passed my GCE Advanced level and looking to study overseas. In the meantime, I got a job at local, British Airways office as a Ticketing Clerk.

My conversion:

One day back home, a Catholic priest came visiting my dad. And he left a book written by evangelist Oral Roberts. I started to read it as I have been applying to study in USA to many universities. And I started to read it out of curiosity as there was an advertisement about a university, Oral Roberts university, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I read the contents with great interest. It spoke about Jesus and advocated not giving up on anything. I applied to ORU and was waiting for a reply. Most universities I applied to rejected me as I had no funds for the first year of studies. They said if I could pay for my first year the chances of getting approved is higher.

Oral Roberts :

I started reading the book sent by Oral Roberts, more and more. The story of Jesus made sense. I realized it is the truth that I have been searching all my life. I secretly started praying to Jesus. By this time I had purchased my very first motor cycle and was riding it to work, It was shift work, and I had to ride home late past midnight, early morning.

The reason for these late night rides were, frequent flight delays as I had to stay in office late, to assist passengers book into hotels due to the delay. But I really enjoyed the late night ride home. It was so calm in the night. No cars, empty streets, except for the occasional dog darting across in front of my motor cycle, nearly hitting me.

The most life changing incident happened when I was  working at BA. At that time, I have been waiting for a change in my life and was feeling depressed. I have always been ambitious. Suddenly, I realized, that I have reached a dead end.

Accident :

How it happened was when I was riding my motor cycle with a friend near his house. An oncoming transport bus hit us head on. And he succumbed to his injuries and died three days later. And he was a Buddhist.

I was hospitalized for about four days. I was unconscious all that time. Eventually, I was home again with a lost memory due to concussion. Slowly regained memory, and took about six months to regain it fully.

I was told the bus driver who hit us killing my friend was on training only for 3 days. And he was not supposed to be driving as he had not completed the training.

But the most important point, I want to make here is what the Buddhist surgeon who attended to me had told my dad.

He had said ” it is a miracle, your son survived the crash with minor injuries. As it is the pillion rider, who usually dies”

After I heard that, I realized that Jesus saved my life.

Proverbs 15:3 ” The eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and good “


All this time, I was on the fence, was not sure whether I should accept Jesus. My dad approved of my change. He had studied at a school run by Christians. One day he brought me an old bible. It was of no help as it was written in Latin.

My mum, a staunch Buddhist was against my change. However, surviving the accident enabled me to make up my mind.

I met a Catholic friend and attended his church. I had no idea what they were doing. Anyhow, the book by Oral Roberts helped me to learn a lot about Christ.

Received a letter from ORU saying if I could find my First year’s tuition, they could offer me a work scholarship later on.

I was delighted, but did not have the funds for the first year. Then I got an opportunity to go to Oman, I went for the interview, And at the interview, I told the visiting manager, that I badly wanted this job, as a sales officer with British Airways, Muscat, Oman. He laughed and said, “Inshallah” mean God(Allah) willing. I smiled and came home, started praying to my God, Jesus.

A month passed by, no news, Then I heard, they have selected a more senior staff member for this position. I was disappointed as I was hoping to save money by working in Oman and then go to USA.

But I continued to pray. Then one sunny morning, I got a call from them, asking me if I could join them asap. I was surprised, over joyed. How can this be. Then I found out that the person they selected, had rejected their offer.

How God works:

He opens door for you, even if everything falls apart. Never give up on him.Never.

I flew to Oman, the following week. I worked hard, saving all I could, In the meantime, my mum who was working in UK had saved some money, decided to support my cause. I was delighted. Bless her heart.

After, I had worked for about a year, I received a call from my brother, informing that ORU had accepted me as a student. And they had offered me a work scholarship as well. Flew home the next day, went to US embassy the next day to get my visa.

Escape from death:

I remember, how I escaped death a long time ago in Oklahoma. I was going towards my car in the middle of night one dark night after having a drink with a friend. Only after I entered the car, I realized a black man had followed me and pointing a gun at him. I started to pray loudly and rebuked him in the name of Jesus. He was shocked and ran shouting filth to the darkness. And I never saw him again in my life.

I believe to this day that omnipresent Jesus was there with me that day. My faith began to build more and more.

Jeremiah 23:24 “Can a man hide himself in secret places so that I cannot see him? declares the Lord. Do I not fill heaven and earth? declares the Lord?



There are many more incidents similar to this that happened throughout my life, and it will take more and more space to write all of them. But the point I want stress to you is that as long as you read the word of God, the Bible daily, and pray and pray in the spirit, Nothing can go wrong with you, as our Omnipresent God’s eyes are focused on you, twenty-four, seven.


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3 thoughts on “God is omnipresent

  1. I enjoyed reading your post. It has always intrigued me when someone converts from one religion to another. I am Christian as well and find the idea that someone is raised Buddhist can choose to follow a different religion. The power of the Lord is truly inspiring.

    I was raised as southern Baptist. I always believed in the Lord, but when I was 17 I felt his power and presence like I had never felt before. I had driven my then fiance home as he felt sick. I left his house and was getting pretty close to where my exit was on the highway when he called me on his car phone (I was driving his truck).

    Anyways, I was a new driver and the phone distracted me. I realized i was missing my exit so I got into the right lane and tried to turn onto the exit at the same time. I was struck by a semi carrying 70,000 lbs. of steel rods.

    I was hit and spun around many times. My fiance told me later (I was still on the phone with him) that I screamed bloody murder. I did not receive any cuts, bruises or anything. I was just a nervous wreck.

    The odd part is what happened when I left his house. I was raised in a household that never used seat belts ever. I had an odd feeling when I pulled out of his driveway. I went about a mile and pulled over in the parking lot of a small store and put on my seat belt. My mom was told by the responding officers the night of the accident, that had I not been wearing my seat belt I would not have survived the crash.

    1. Thanks for your comments Chas, and for sharing the testimony. yes,as you may have read in my post, that I have had a similar experience.And in that occasion I was not wearing my motorcycle helmet, as I was careless thinking it was a short distance to travel. but God’s eyes were upon me and He saved my life.

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